Buddy Rich 1958 drums!
Loads of colours
Beautiful Vintage Hagstrom
They come in all sizes
Klaus Woormann Drum Skin
3 Gibson Copies
Mint condition Snares
The John Lennon Gibson
1966 Hofner Violin Bass
1960 Black Oyster Snares
Hellstone Signature Guitar
Les Paul • Faded Pelham Blue
Slingerland Aluminium
Paiste Formula 602 • 16"
Joe Walsh 1960 Les Paul
Stones Bullitleather
1967 Firebird Gold
Klerups Gibson SG
1950s Ultratone Lap Steels
1964 White Marine Pearl
1959 Wurlitzer 120
Joe Walsh 1960 Les Paul

Go to HELL!
Köper • Byter • Säljer Hem

1920 Ludwig Black Beauty
Vintage Strat 1964
Late 1970 Tequila Sunrise
Transparent Stratocaster
Gretsch Tangerine Sparkle
Elvis Presleys Gibson LG-1
Levin 1951
Roundbadge Gretsch snare
The Doors old bass piano!
1940 Slingerland Marching
1930 Slingerland Snare
Ludwig Peacock Snare
Black or White stripes?
Actually very simple!
Rickenbacker 325
The popular workshop
Psychedelic Trixon Drums
Ludwig • Red Sparkle
1930 Kalamazoo
Ludwig • Psychadelic Red
1960 Hagström Carina
Rune Gustafssons Ibanez!
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